Monday, July 13, 2009

12 more days!

Usually I try to keep my blog updated every couple of days, but the past few weeks have been preparations for our mission trip, and that has taken up most of my time.

From June 22nd - 26th the teens headed up the Vacation Bible School at our church. We had a fun week filled with games, snacks, Bible lessons, an offering each day that went towards our trip, and so much more! It was quite a bit of work. All the teachers and leaders did a wonderful job, especially in giving a clear presentation of the gospel. There weren't any kids that I know of who got saved, but I know for sure God was working in the hearts of those kids.

Let's see, umm ... oh yeah! Last Saturday Joe, Chelsea, my sister and I went over to the Webb's neighbor's house. We pulled bricks from the lady's patio, washed them off, then put them back where they were again - as Joe liked to say, "A Chinese consentration camp. Dig a hole, fill it back up ...." Seriously though, we got a lot more accomplished than the lady was thinking. I didn't like the idea of this job at first; when I finally got to working it wasn't nearly as bad. I wouldn't want to do it all the time, but if asked again I probably would. We were each able to make a bit more money for our trip. Every little bit helps, especially seeing as we are only 12 days away from the big day!

This Wednesday we plan on going out to FBC of Palos Hills for another presentation. I have been hoping we would go to this church because there are a lot of my friends there, most of whom I've only met through Facebook. Plus, going to the last church made me want to go to more churches. I get nervous when talking in front of a large group of people, but I also enjoy speaking (yes, this may come as a suprise to many of you haha!). I like speaking my mind and letting others know how I feel about things.

Next Sunday night we will go to Lakeland Baptist Church for our final presentation. Then on the 22nd we all bring our luggage to church for "inspection", and we will be on our way on July 25th at 3:30am!

I will definitely write all about the trip once I get back. I'm bringing a notebook to write things down in each day, so I will hopefully be able to add lots of details. And, of course ... pictures :)

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