Monday, July 20, 2009

100% and on our way!

Our team went to the last church last night, Lakeland Baptist in Lake Villa. Once we got there the pastor and Mr. Ruehl (my old piano teacher's husband) were there and helped us set up. Chelsea and I went to mess around on the piano before the service ... hehe ;) Our presentation went well, and Becca suprised us by speaking in Spanish to the church using our "evangaball". After the service the church had what they called a snack, but our group agreed it was more like a meal :) I hadn't eaten much that afternoon, so I was really hungry. We were able to talk to some of the members there and tell them a bit more about ourselves, as well as our trip.

I found out just a few days ago that we have made it to 100% full support and, thanks to Palos and Lakeland, have a few hundred extra to use to help the Lathams out in some ways they might need! God truly blessed us above and beyond what any of us were expecting.

This week is pretty much just cleaning up the house - as in my room and my desk area - and packing. I packed mostly everything Saturday, but still have a few odds and ends left to put in those suitcases, along with a few items to purchase at the store this afternoon. Wednesday night is our final mission meeting, where we'll answer any questions we might have and get and legal papers the teens haven't turned in yet. Friday night we plan on staying at the church starting at 9:00pm. We have all voted to stay up all night by playing games, eating Mexican food - compliments of Mr. Unger - and drinking lots of soda :) We leave at 3:30am Saturday morning with our flight leaving at around 7:00am. We should arive in Monterrey at around 11:45am. The weather forcast for the first few days is in the 100's, so it looks like a hot week.

Please pray for us, especially on our final week as we prepare to leave. I hope to write one or two more times before Friday. Email or Facebook me all you want to next week, but I won't have internet access until I come back.

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