Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Seemingly insignificant people

"How would I know the morning if I knew not midnight? You're my horizon; You're the light of a new dawn. So thank you... that after the long night, You are sunrise." This is part of the chorus of Nordeman's song Sunrise. Think about it. Every day is a fresh start. But without Jesus, there would be no new mornings. Sure, you could wake up each morning with all your problems from the previous day flooding into your mind again. You could go throughout the day trying to solve everything on your own. Will this really bring true joy or comfort into your life? How can you say you are completely satisfied when the One Who gave you life in the beginning has no place in your daily activities? I can't imagine going through life without Christ. Without Him, I would be absolutely nothing. He gave His life on the cross for me; the least I can do is live for Him. This isn't something I'm doing because I feel I have to. I want to please my Savior in all aspects of my life! Nothing could bring a greater satisfaction to me than to give everything I have over to the Lord and let Him work in me.

The Sunday morning service at my church was a huge blessing to me. Pastor was preaching from Luke 2, the Christmas story. Instead of going over what most of us have probably already heard, Pastor taught about some details of the story that may seem like an insignificant part but has a greater meaning than first glance. One point that really grabbed my attention was about Mary and Joseph. Mary was a humble peasant, Joseph a carpenter. Yet God chose these seemingly unimportant people to give birth to His Son! I don't remember Pastor's exact words, but the point I'm trying to get across is this. If God could use Mary and Joseph to bring forth His Son, He can also use you to do His will. Can you imagine that? The Maker of the entire universe wants to use you! God has a different purpose for each individual; you just need to seek Him and ask Him to show you what He wants to do through you.

I've done this, and am positive that the Lord is calling me to the mission field in a Spanish-speaking country. At first I thought I knew where I wanted to go; that was before I took my desire to the Lord. He hasn't yet shown me the place where He wants me, and I am patiently waiting and praying about it. Just the thought of showing others how Christ has worked in my life and how He has given me unexplainable joy thrills me! Not only has He given me that precious gem of eternal life, but He offers it to everyone. I want to share how others can receive Christ, and how they can have that same hope and peace that I do. God may be calling you to the mission field as well, or He could have a completely different idea in mind for you. If you are open and willing to give your life to God in whichever way He chooses, you won't regret it. There is no better place than in the center of His will.

Here is a link that a friend of mine posted which I thought to be very interesting. I hope you'll take a few moments to watch this video: