Thursday, November 25, 2010

First Half - Over

(This is from Thursday, October 28, 2010. I haven't had access to my blog at college.)

So I'm sure many of you have been wondering how my first half of the semester is going here at college. Some words come to mind as I write this. Overwhelming; hard; pressured... Enjoyable; beneficial; encouraging... As some of you know (and for those of you who don't know), my first week here was tough. Almost to the point of leaving and giving up this opportunity. Yet God had a different plan in mind and orchestrated circumstances so that His will for my life would be accomplished.

Even through the difficult and seemingly impossible changes, college is one of the best things that has happened to me. As I look over the first half of my semester, I can see how God has worked. I have met some people who will be close lasting friendships, others who are always there for me when I need a kind word or note, and then there are those who will offer to do homework with me or simply act crazy to make me laugh after a long day. God has also been showing Himself in my various classes, Mr. Trainer's classes especially. How many times I have read through passages of Scripture without really understanding the true meaning of each individual verse! Even the genealogies like Matthew 1:1-17. I don't think I've read that part of Matthew until I came here. Then we went over it in class and pulled out several applications which can be applied to every Christian's life today - just from genealogies.

My roommates are truly a blessing from the Lord. Carissa is a senior, and she is the one I have talked to the most out of my 3 roommates. I am usually here in my dorm room a lot during the afternoon/evening. When Carissa is here we are sometimes able to have interesting conversations, all of which are lead back to the Lord. We don't even have to be talking to each other for me to gain godly advise from her. Many times it is through her phone conversations where I am learning more about her, and even more about our God. She does, however, have a way of making me laugh by some of the things she says. Amber is a sophmore. I often don't see her until the evenings since she works quite a bit, but when I do get to talk to her I always walk away laughing about something or other =) She has a great sense of humor but also a humble spirit toward things of God. Bethany is a freshman. I knew her for a few years before coming to college and requested her as a roommate. I've gotten to know her better and have seen a lot of what she has written me in letters come out in what she does in the dorm. When she and another girl on our floor practice aural skills in the lobby, well, let's just say it can be quite hilarious to listen to. She can also understand much of what I am going through during the semester as she is also a freshman.

There are multiple other things I could talk about, but the last thing I want to leave you with is what I have learned about struggles. Right before college I had very difficult news told to me, and that area in my life has stuck with me even now. Of course, during college I have had trouble with my new class/work schedules... new everything basically, and I felt like I was all alone, having to wade through these personal battles by myself. That is when God reminded me that He has and will continue to be with me as I move forward in this next step of my life. Every day I wear a necklace my mom gave me for a gift. It has two footprints hanging from a chain, simply reminding me that God is walking alongside me every day and will never leave me. Things will still be hard, but God won't give me any more than I can bear. And it is when my burden becomes too heavy He will lighten the load and carry me through.

Thank you for your continual prayers, notes, emails, phone calls and, for those here on campus, your smiling faces, silly texts, and uplifting hugs. Each small thing you do is so much bigger to me and I thank you so much for it all!

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