Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Slowly but surely

It's been way too long since I've written here. So much has been going on in my life, and I haven't had the proper time to just sit down and sort through everything.

Now, I do.

Our church had it's "Alpha/Omega Wars" on the fourth week of July. We had two students, Elsa and Juan from UCLA in Mexico, here for three weeks helping in various ways, including the Teen Week. They were a tremendous help!! It's much more difficult to get teens to come out for stuff like this than it is younger kids, but those who did come were there all week.

Each night, some of the older teens from our church (me included) and the adults came to help with the setup and preparations for the evening's events. All week I was filling hundreds of water balloons, with the help of some of the others. o_O If I ever see another water balloon again, it will be too soon.... The biggest event of the week was the obstacle course. The teens really enjoyed wiggling their way under the orange netting, sliding down the new-and-improved slip'n'slide (which consisted of soap, water, and a large blue tarp), walking across a log, getting through a mess of ropes tied between two trees, going over a teeter-totter made of a board, and maneuvering their way along the "army ropes" - all while being tied together by the wrists and ankles in groups of three!

After the fun and games snacks were served, thanks to many of the ladies in our church. The teens also got quite a few chances to guess at how much money was in the coin jars, three jars throughout the week. Some of their guesses were within pennies of the actual amount! I remember doing that a long time ago, and I never got that close =)
At the end of every night we gathered in the auditorium and Pastor gave a challenge to the teens. The entire week was great, and I believe the Lord used what was done for His glory.

On another note, I have been preparing for college most of the summer. I had my graduation/going away get together at church a few weeks ago, gone shopping with some friends, and just yesterday finished with the majority of my packing. Tonight will be my last time at church for a while. I know the college is only two hours away from home, which is much closer than many others will be, but I'll still miss everyone here. I've attended MBC ever since I can remember. There have been more families than I can count who have been a blessing in my life in more ways than one. God had truly shown Himself here, and I hope to take the lessons I've learned here with me as I leave this Friday. I want others to see Christ in all I do and say. Please pray for me this week as I travel and especially as I start classes next Tuesday.

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