Friday, March 19, 2010

Nland vs. Maranatha

Our youth group had a great time on the college trip last week! We had 1 guy and 5 girls, including myself, along with my yp's family and a lady from the church.

We met at the church on Thursday to pack up the truck and car, then left around 3pm for the long drive to Northland. Had fun on the way there while taking pictures and listening to music. Arriving at the college at 8:30, we went to our dorm rooms and unpacked. The girls I was with were really fun =)

Friday morning everyone met for breakfast, then we went to visit classes pretty much all day. After browsing around in the bookstore, there was a campus tour in the late afternoon, and I was finally able to look around Northland for the first time. What a friendly Christian atmosphere! Not just the teachers and staff, but all of the students as well. Our group spent the rest of the night watching Noe's soccer game and having fun in the rec room with some other friends. It was so great to see Chelsea and Hannah again!

Saturday we traveled to Maranatha, a college I would highly recommend of course.. hehe! After unpacking in our dorms again we met for dinner with Aubrey and Tiffany, then the girls headed over to the studio on campus where Tiffany took my senior pictures and other fun ones. She did an amazing job and I'll give a link pretty soon where you can look through them. The rest of the night was spent playing games and watching "Facing the Giants" at Joe and Becca's place in the guesthouse. Sunday was also just a day of rest for the group; went to church and had a good time in the dorms. The teens from the church we went to had a little activity afterwards which we were able to be a part of.

I was able to get a much clearer perspective of what college life is like for the students as I went from class to class Monday. Not all the classes were my favorite, but just getting the feel for how each one was taught was helpful. The last one I went to was Spanish - amazing! I completely enjoyed it! The professor is from Spain I believe, and the entire lecture was in Spanish. I was able to understand the majority of it, and I'm looking forward to possibly taking that class this fall.

All in all, the trip was a wonderful opportunity for some of the others who had not been to many colleges; it was also extreamly benificial to me personally as I prepare for the real thing... and it's coming up quickly! I'm excited to finally be able to study more of what I'd like to do with my life. God's going to provide everything I'll need and will be with me each step of the way. I just want all I do to be pleasing to the Lord.

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