Monday, October 19, 2009

Showers of Blessings

Notice that one word: showers. It doesn't say 'thunderstorms' or 'downpours' ... simply showers. God sends blessings our way, and He doesn't just throw them all on us at once; but rather, He showers them upon us at just the right moment.

Last Thursday wasn't all that bad. My classes were going somewhat slower than I would have liked, and some other small issues were frusterating me. I decided to take a lunch break and check my email. A friend of mine from church, Mrs. Miller, told me the previous night that she would write me the following morning - and that email was the first one I open Thursday afternoon. What an encouragement! There were things going on in her life that I wasn't even aware about Wednesday night at church, yet God used me in a small way to make her day a little brighter. Another lady in our church and good friend of mine had a stroke recently and has been having difficulty with her speech. It has improved so much from a few weeks ago, and through what Mrs. Miller wrote me about, God is most definitely at work in this lady's life and heart. It brought tears of joy to my eyes as I read this. It just goes to show what power our God has!

I had also been waiting for two weeks for a package to come in the mail. After a week or so I had almost given up, thinking it had gotten lost in the shuffle of things (it was coming from out of country). As I sat down to play the piano that one day, one of the verses in the song just really stuck out to me: ask and it shall be given unto thee, seek and ye shall find, knock and the door shall open unto you. I then realized that God knew I was waiting for that package, but He wanted me to ask Him for it to come. It may seem silly to some of you, and you may be thinking, "The package would have come in the mail whether or not you prayed about it." But you know what? I needed to have faith that God could get that package to me; even in that little thing, it wasn't too small for Him to handle. So I gave the matter to the Lord, and simply asked ... for the next week. Right when my hopes were pretty much dashed, the package came in the mail. What an answer to prayer, and at just the right time!

Sunday had to have been the best day of all. I was on my way to church, thinking about how much I missed my friends and how youth group wasn't the same without them. I walked in the door and up the stairs with my sister. As I turned the corner, someone standing under the coat rack caught my attention. I had to to a double-take (or so my mom says!), and standing there was KAY!!!!! (For those of you who aren't aware, Kay is one of the best friends ever who just recently went to college.) Neither she, her mom, nor anyone in the church told me she was here for the weekend on fall break! That was one of the best suprises I've had in who knows how long!! I gave her the biggest hug ever, being careful not to squish her ;) It was so great to be with her all morning, to catch up, just to talk really. I look forward to when she comes back for Thanksgiving, but am thankful that the Lord brought her here now.

This was just to encourage you all to never give up on the Lord. He knows what He's doing, and has a perfect plan for your life if you'll only let Him into your heart.

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  1. Keeping this secret was very difficult, especially because of the vast ammount of people at church that knew Kay was coming. It was her idea to keep it from you and was SO FUN when I saw your reaction!! Love you, Mrs. Miller